Love Your LGS - Arena Standard Event Ticket


Love Your Local Game Store

Drinks & Dragons is hosting our LYLGS event online as we are still not allowed to run in person games. We want to continue to have fun and run games for our awesome magic community.

How it will work

This is our first MTG Melee Event, so it's a bit interesting.

Purchasing an event ticket through our site will get you a code to sign up for the event. From there, the MTG Melee Tools will be our guide.

The tournament will be run in the MTG Arena game client, using the standard format. It will be a standard MTG swiss tournament.

What do I get?

Each entrant that lives in Durham, Ontario will be guaranteed an exclusive promo reliquary tower. The top 4 of each pod of 8, will receive an exclusive Hangarback Walker promo.

The total winner will receive a Khans of Tarkir windswept heath.

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