Pilot Coffee - Single Origin - Las Palmas, Colombia


This is the first experimental process release from Las Palmas farm. Lead by Chalo Fernandez and his brother, Diego the resulting taste profile is very unique, especially for Colombian coffee.

After harvest, the cherries were kept in a receiving tank for 23 hours where they began to ferment, but only just slightly. The cherries were then removed for pulping only to return back to the tank for another 64 hours. At this point some of the coffee’s mucilage is consumed by local, naturally-occurring microbes.

Normally coffee is pulped immediately after harvesting to avoid the development of fermented flavours. However, the Fernandez brothers found these flavours can be controlled in a stable environment, and as a result they created something truly special.

‘El Cabildo’ is brimming with tropical flavours, reminiscent of Kenyan coffee, but with an additional layer of candy-like sweetness. An exciting coffee that celebrates the innovation and production prowess at Finca Las Palmas.

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