Posted 2 months ago
Happy St. Paddy's Day y'all! 🍀 As I'm sure you've heard, we have to sadly shut down all of our in-house events until further notice. However, we will still be offering to-go services from 12pm-5pm starting this Friday, March 20th and going forward until we all go back to normal. I'll also be offering remote DM services on roll 20 - 3hr sessions at $10/player. Just shoot me a message and we'll get the dice rolling! . Keep safe and healthy, and we'll see you for our regularly scheduled ridiculousness on the flip side. * * * * * * * #covid19 #ohiswearwhathemeans #atthismoment #youmeaneverything #drinksanddragonscafe #remotedm #covid19closures #healthandsafety #boardgamecafe #whitbyontario #localbusiness
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